6/28/2016 - Guide to STOP Distracted Driving

6/1/2016 - Press release concerning 2016 Blue Mass

4/28/2016 - Press release concerning Lifting of 2016 Spring Road Bans

3/21/2016 - Press release concerning Hot Pond Death

3/2/2016 - Press release concerning 2016 Road Ban Notice

1/26/2016 - Press release concerning high speed pursuit

12/18/2015 - Press release concerning recent area phone scams

6/5/2015 - After a brief hiatus, we're relaunching project CodeRED. CodeRED is a mass notification system that Ashland County will use to keep the public informed large scale emergencies or other critical incidents. Please click HERE for a brief description of what it's all about.

As the chief law enforcement agency for Ashland County, the Sheriff's Office will impartially enforce the law while protecting the rights of all citizens. We will use the latest technology, innovative practices and inter - agency cooperation to improve the quality of life for the people we serve.

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